Dr. Campbell
Dr. Campbell

She started her career with a private practice, has worked as a counselor, psychologist, family therapist and held the position of program director in four different hospitals.

Realizing traditional psychology often serves as tools to cope with one’s challenges in life, Dr. Campbell went on a journey to find and develop tools that bring true inner healing and resolution to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of her clients.

At the millennial shift (2000), an internal urge to include heart connection meditations and gather more scientific evidence to support this kind of work became her driving force. This added component made it easier for people to integrate the new energies and vibrations that occur from these processes.
Dr. Campbell’s work has span the globe, with travels throughout the United States, Australia, India, Egypt, and Mexico.

She has been a presenter at two International Energy Psychology Conferences, The Lightworker’s Conference in Chicago, and is currently scheduled at various events domestically and internationally for the year of 2016.

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