Are Chem Trails real?

chemtrailsChem Trails:  long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for different reasons. Some say it is to have negative effects on humans and plants. Some say it is for weather control. Some say it is nothing more than atmospheric conditions with large aircraft. There is all kinds of speculation. Perhaps if we pay attention to how we are feeling physically, we might be finding correlations to the presence of chem trails and physical discomfort or malady.

On a Sunday and Monday there were more chem trails here in north Texas. Sunday was the day before school started. Today, Tuesday, there is pollution haze over this entire valley. People I know have felt fatigue, body aches, nasal drainage, watery eyes that started yesterday, Monday. None of this was happening over the summer.  And it is not associated with allergies.

The “coincidence” of chem trails and illness around the country is getting more and more obvious.

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