Bosnian Pyramids & True Functions of Pyramids

I had the privilege of experiencing the largest pyramid known at this time. I also had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the archaeologist that discovered these pyramids, Dr. Semir (Sam) Osmanagich.

Dr. Cassandra on the Pyramid of the Dragon near the largest pyramid known, Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia

From my experiences in Bosnia September 2016 and evidence presented by Dr. Osmanagich and other scientists and mathematicians, I learned that the true function of the large man-made pyramids on the planet is for the sustainability, wellbeing and longevity of all living things in their vicinity and more. I had amazing experiences in relation to the pyramids and spending time inside the labyrinth of tunnels connected to the largest pyramid in particular. Some of the tunnels even had pure water inside them. These bodies of water were all sizes from streams to small lakes.

Here are some links with lots of archaeological and scientific details and pictures about this phenomenal expression of very highly intelligent civilizations that existed here over 30,000 years ago.

Enjoy!! And consider traveling there yourself.

One of the primary websites for Dr. Osmanagich’s Foundation This site has information about tours and events and lots more.

An account by a scientist from Finland

Video of South African and Russian scientists exploring a new tunnel with clean water September 2015 with Dr. Osmanagich. This is certainly worth watching.

Latest News

History of Man

Mysterious Artefacts

Proving Evidence of the Existence of the Pyramids in Bosnia
Dr.Osmanagich also claims that the presence of numerous subterranean passages found under Visoko belong to the Pyramid complex, interconnecting each of the structures from below and running for as many as hundreds of kilometres beneath the ground. 200 kM = 124 miles

Bosnian Pyramid Complex with underground tunnels connecting all of them.


Bosnian Stone Spheres

Blessings on your journey of Self-Realization.
Dr. Cassandra

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