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A workshop for releasing these Anchors with various modalities.

Date: Saturday September 16th  9:00AM to 5:30PM

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Our Ancestral Genetic Lineage patterns are hidden in our subconscious and physical body. They are not necessarily obvious in current patterns and beliefs, which can make it hard to identify them. The ways they are maintained are subconscious and paradoxical. These kinds of patterns can be triggered and anchored many generations previous. Identifying, releasing and transforming the Ancestral Genetic Lineage patterns will expedite shifting current unwanted life experiences.

This class is for:

PROFESSIONALS to learn a deeper, hidden connection to stubborn life patterns.

ANYONE to begin to identify stubborn life patterns stuck in the biology and subconscious.

You will learn:

  • What they are.
  • How they get passed on to the next generation.
  • How to identify them and how they are different from current triggers.
  • Finding the truths and lies occurring simultaneously creating hidden paradoxes.
  • How they mutate DNA.
  • What fragmented soul, psyche and body parts come from ancestors.
  • How to find and release those Ancestral Genetic Lineage anchors.
  • Preliminary introduction to and practice of Transformation Thought Technology.

Register here: For a 20% discount register by September 2nd.  Click here to register.

Location: Anne King’s Hypnosis Center in Boerne Texas (This is not hypnosis training.)   Workshop includes a manual.

Open to the Public 8CEUs

Feel free to contact me 210-549-8285 or
Anne King 830-537-5411 with any questions.

Dr. Campbell,


Life Success Conversations with Dr. Campbell: Well-Being may be easier than you think.

Once-a-month conversational gathering of different topics. The intention is awareness that assists you in recognizing and perceiving more well-being, success or improvement in your life. Topics are about “living and working” with ease, cooperation, happiness, abundance, enjoyment, transitions, and other life circumstances. Learn about new science to support possibilities of well-being that can change our perceptions of what life can be. You will get acquainted with techniques and practices to assist in implementing these new possibilities in your life or work. We will have fun and it will be easy. Come join us for lunch and conversation. Lunch will be provided. Come on, two or all three days?

11:30-1:00  Tuesdays  $24

Well-Being may be Easier Than you Think September 19, 2017

Good Health is Possible October 17, 2017

Prosperity Happens in Every Area of Life  November 14, 2017

Location: Dietert Center, 451 Guadalupe St, Kerrville, TX 78028

To Register contact Diertert  Center (830) 792-4044 


These have been very successful courses with excellent participant evaluations. Contact me for information regarding  providing these at your location.

Staying Focused on What You Want. February 17 to April 4th (8 weeks):

  • Learn easy, practical techniques teaching your mind to focus on what you really want.
  • You will develop a different perception of what your mind really is and how it has sabotaged what you want.
  • These useable, understandable information and tools help keep you in a pattern of thinking and behavior that brings more clarity and satisfaction to your life.
  • You get acquainted with the aspects of you to experience more fulfillment and happiness.
  • Yes, there will be things to practice; so that you really learn to be the Director of your life.
  • But they will be easy.
  • You will receive a book as part of the course to assist you in following through with the skills to stay focused on what you really want.
  • We have fun while learning.

Contact Dietert Center or 830-792-4044.

or Dr. Campbell,


The Power of Your Words  April 10 to May 1, 2017 (4 weeks)

Are you aware of how your words and feelings are establishing and maintaining circumstances and situations in your life?

Do you keep running into certain kinds of situations, conversations, people and body discomforts?

Learn how and why we create our life with the words, thoughts and feelings we use.

Current scientific research is showing what happens in our bodies and our relationships with sounds, words and feelings.

Find out how your body sends and receives messages into the environment or situation.

Learn how to change those types of responses with easy to use tips and tools and begin to have more satisfying life experiences.

Contact Dietert Center or 830-792-4044.

or Dr. Campbell,


Personal Partnership of You and Your Body  May 8 to 29 (4 weeks)

Are you aware of how and under what circumstances your body does what it does? Do you have a close relationship with your body? is your body functioning in ways that you don’t understand? We will explore how closely your body listens to every word and feeling you have and how it then responds. You will learn from new research what happens in your body when you have certain thoughts and emotions, The goal of this class is for you to feel encouraged and inspired and to have tips and tools you can use daily to improve your awareness of what is happening with your body. This in turn can increase the possibility of more well-being and health.

Contact Dietert Center or 830-792-4044.

or Dr. Campbell,


Yet to be scheduled:  Join me in Bosnia for my 2nd trip to the Bosnian Pyramids where Dr. Samir Osmanagic  (Dr. Sam) will share his discoveries, lead you on tours in and around the pyramids he uncovered 10 years ago.

Cassandra in Bosnia at the Dragon Pyramid
Standing outside of the Dragon Pyramid Sept 2016
Dragon Pyramid Entrance
Dragon Pyramid Entrance