Jigsaw puzzle – a teacher (Lesson 1) Resistance and Perserverance

Last week I opened the first jigsaw puzzle since I was a kid. In the first hour, I was ready to quit. It was hard and frustrating.
However, I and my friend decided to use this as a teaching tool to expand awareness. We realized we were in resistance to it being hard and frustrating and chose to continue anyway until we moved through the feeling of resistance.

jigsaw puzzle 1

It took a little while and perseverance until the resistance subsided. At some point after that, the puzzle would be easy and hard in cycles. It was an interesting phenomenon. Time after time, we had the opportunity to choose how we wanted to experience the process of easy to hard.

Each time we chose to relax and be persistent, it got easier again. … Hmmm there must be something to learn about life from this.

More Lessons to come ….

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