Jigsaw Puzzle (lesson 2) Right Timing and Place

Pick up the same pieces over and over. Try them is different places. Look at them based on different characteristics such as design, color, form … over and over. And try them in the same place over and over, as if it would be different eventually. Wonder where on earth it could go and why didn’t it go here or there or anywhere for that matter. Then suddenly it falls into a place that it did not look like it would fit. … Hmmm … A moment of relief. A tiny bit of celebration. Then on the next piece and place.

Lesson: “Timing” is a moving factor in the development of a project or circumstance. Trying to force something and getting frustrated about it does not make it happen any faster. Things fit perfectly when the time and place is “right”. SO just keep on keeping on until it falls into place.

Life is like that, you know. It is a lot easier and healthier to interact with life in that way.

What is your experience with jigsaw puzzles???

Dr. Cassasndra

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