Jigsaw Puzzle (Lesson 3) What’s Missing?

The second complicated puzzle was really hard with different kinds of shapes, lots of the same colors and designs throughout the entire puzzle. We had to let this one sit for a day or two several times. However, when something that inviting is sitting in the main room, it is hard to ignore it. This one took longer than the first one. We got frustrated and wanted to quick MANY times because at times it did not make sense that the pieces would fit. The next obstacle was two missing pieces that we had to work around in order to finish.

We looked and looked for the two missing pieces and decided we had an incomplete puzzle that represented the way we had approached our business and current circumstances. What had we missed? How were we making circumstances difficult? How do things work when important pieces are missing? If something is missing at the time, do we just keep going? This gave us an opportunity to re-evaluate your own lives and circumstances from a different point of view.

Once those conclusions were helpful, we started cleaning up around the table where the puzzle was. THEN … alass! … one of the missing pieces appeared on the rug across the room!!! We decided to decide that it was a sign that we had drawn some really good conclusions!

Have you ever had these kinds of conversations with yourself or someone else???

Dr. Cassandra

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