My Feet-My Teacher

Today I learned about creating what you focus on in a very graphic way. The body will get our attention and teach us when nothing else will. Right?

A month ago as some things in my life felt somewhat unstable and up-in-the-air (This realization is “hind-sight”), the heel on my right foot started to hurt intermittently for no apparent reason. Since I like to walk twice a day, I began to pay attention to it. The discomfort gradually increased until it was constant and more intense. I adjusted my walking schedule, distance and speed to accommodate the pain level. And it continued to increase. I tried various remedies with very little improvement. Well, I decided this just wasn’t going to work for me because I like being mobile and free to move around. (Notice the language.)

This morning on my walk, I noticed I was concentrating on my right foot and the pain. Then the “brilliant” (Duh?) thought came, “What if I focus on my LEFT foot and how it feels and how easily it moves. I wonder what would happen.” So, with great effort of having to pull my attention back to my left foot again and again, I noticed that the awareness of the pain in my right foot disappeared. Really? Really!! AND when I focused on my right foot, awareness of the pain came back. Well, I liked the good feeling in my left foot a lot better. So with a lot of determination, I practiced staying focused on my left foot. (It takes a LOT of determination!)

I started to notice my body relaxing and moving easier. Then … (drum roll, please!) … I noticed when I put my attention on my right foot, there was NO PAIN!! I also realized my body had contracted to deal with the pain and that had make walking even harder.

How on earth can persistent pain just “disappear” in a few minutes???? And then reappear and disappear over and over???? This was not “just a coincidence”. It was a demonstration of how much control we really do have, how fast the body responses to our thoughts and emotions, and how focus determines our reality. Oh, poop! That means we ARE in charge of our life no matter what the external evidence is. I can tell you my mind is not happy with that conclusion … my body, soul and spirit are though.

I have heard about many examples of this even when the pain is severe and very scary. The common theme was deciding and being determined to “rise above” the condition creating the pain and have a happier freer life.

The conviction to focus on what feels better and move forward must be very strong. The willingness to confront the mind until it focuses on what WE want must be persistent.

My conclusion of the important elements of this teaching and progression of resistance are:
*Focus on feeling unstable (fear, worry type emotions unacknowledged = silent stress).
*Body matches those feelings.
*Focus on body discomfort.
*Physical reflection of feeling immobile and lack of freedom to move.
*Resistance to body discomfort and looking for outside relief.
*Accelerate emotional and physical discomfort (stress) by focusing on it.
*Decide to focus on what feels good and free.
*PRACTICE diligently replacing attention to resistance with attention to feeling good.
*PRACTICE until the discomfort disappears and good feelings predominate. Then PRACTICE more!
*Body matches those feelings.
*Body discomfort goes away.
*Relief regarding all of the stressful emotions and perceptions. Insights return.
*Balance, harmony, relaxation, flow, ease of mobility and freedom to move forward return!!

Blessings in your journey to freedom!!
Dr. Cassandra Campbell

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