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     Do you deal with same issues persistently?

    Would you like to be free from recurring challenges?

    Have you tried various forms of healing and still face the same challenges?


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could be the key to set you free!

Transformational Thought Technology  ( TTT*) is a  valuable and powerfully intentional multi-level Transformation Program for self-growth, empowerment and change. This is a means of accessing the subconscious and super-conscious parts of the mind and the ancestral genetic lineages to revise those programs that are undesirable for the goals that we want to achieve. This is a very safe way to access consciousness and the power of now* for positive experiences.

Transformational Thought Technology  can change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and bring harmony and control of your mind, so that you can easily achieve the experiences in life that are yours to enjoy!

Many people have blocks to their self-confidence and success. They focus on the negative and fear rather than positive intention.

Dr. Campbell assists in easily accessing the source of the blocks, whether they are physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  These blocks can be a way of thinking, belief systems or emotions held in the subconscious. Many times it feels as if “that is just the way I am.” However, your  life patterns do not have everything that you desire in life. It just seems to escape you.

Emotional and mental traits and habits are both conscious and subconscious. It is the subconscious that has the most power over what “drives” you to think and behave in certain ways. This is why it is so hard to change them with just affirmations or just decisions. The subconscious must be addressed to accomplish permanent changes in the way your life shows up.

This  modality is a  form of energy healing that goes beyond the conscious mind to allow easier and faster results. Your consciousness begins to have noticeable differences in the direction of the desires you have for your life.

These are easier ways to access consciousness for the improvement of life.

Personal Areas and Symptoms  that respond well to these modalities

Pervasive Fears/ Worries

Moving Forward, Changes, Instability, Inadequacy

Inherited or Learned Beliefs, Thought Patterns, Behaviors

Recurring Obsessive or Compulsive Thoughts/ Behaviors

Afraid to make a Mistake, be Judged, or Humiliated

Recurring Challenges, Trauma, Negative Patterns

Unable to Forgive a past Event or Person

Interfering Subconscious Programming

Childhood Traumas, Memories, Abuse

Family Conflicts, Emotional Distress

Health conditions, Weight loss

Stress, Anxiety, Grief/loss

Uncontrolled Emotions

Overcome Addictions

Anger Management

Low Self Esteem

Intimacy Issues







Are you happy with your relationships?

Do you have similar relationship dynamics regardless of the situations?

Do you wonder why you get negative responses from people?

Do people overshadow, intimidate, frustrate or anger you?

Are you judging and labeling the way people act?

Do you know how to ask for what you want and get a loving response?

Relationships are an integral part of life. They are also one of the most challenging aspects of life. While most of us want healthy, intimate relationships, we find ourselves struggling to achieve effective communication and a sense of joy in them.

Each of us find repeating patterns in relationships at work, church, home, school and other groups. When we take time to notice, we find that we are the common denominator in all of those relationships. We get set in old subconscious patterns and don’t know how to heal them.

In working with families for more than 35 years, Dr. Campbell has found self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth are the cornerstones of those old patterns. Most relationship challenges can be successfully resolved using philosophies and tools that she has developed over these last three decades.

Learning and using communication skills becomes easier and more successful when the subconscious negative thinking and programming is healed. Then the aspects of  forgiveness, understanding and commitment are easier to practice.

Dr. Campbell coaches you in skills for healthy relationships after the subconscious healing has occurred.  She assists you to access consciousness of truly giving and receiving from the heart.

Successful Communication has several factors involved.

Most Communication practices emphasize these steps.

Remember that only one person speaks at a time. Each person must hear the other through and respond to what they have said before taking their turn.

  • Ask for time to discuss the issue at hand. If you are angry or become angry during the communication, ask for Time Out with a specific amount of time.
  • Be determined to keep it simple and NOT bring in all the baggage from the past.
  • Open Your Heart and consider that the person may not be aware of the impact of their actions.
  • Validation: Validate the person you are speaking with. Find something to praise them for or express empathy for their life situation or challenge.
  •  “I am feeling”:  State what it is that you are feeling or experiencing. (Never start with the word “you”).
  •  Request:  Request clearly what you desire.
  • Repeat:  Ask your partner to repeat back to you what you have said. Solicit feedback.
  • The other person then uses the same steps to express their position.
  • Plan:  Plan and negotiate together how your request can be honored
  • Agree: Agree on the plan. (Remember that often a plan must include a time deadline for the request to be honored.)
  • Reiterate: Reiterate the agreement. This is crucial to be certain that all parties clearly understand the agreement.
  • Thanks: Thank the person for their willingness to communicate with you.


Relationship Areas and Symptoms that respond well to these modalities


Old Patterns

Life transitions

Divorce Recovery

Abandoned, Shamed

Relationship Coaching

Communication Difficulties

Childhood Traumas and Memories

Repeating Relationship Challenges

Recurring Negative Experiences, Emotions



Do you have dreams for your success in life but are not taking steps or don’t know what steps to take to get there?

Is your intention faltering at times?

Would you like to have assistance at rekindling your motivation?

We can help you remember your dream, lay out a series of goals to help you live your dream, and give you tools to maintain the positive thinking that will take you to  your true unlimited potential.

Dr. Campbell helps you believe in yourself …. believe in your dream …. and help you begin living your dream.

Aspects and Areas within you that can Improve with our methods



Self Confidence

Personal Growth

Control Your Mind

Positive Thinking

Develop Intuition

Goal Achievement

Become more Aware

Access Consciousness

Explore the Spiritual side of Life

Being more Comfortable with Life

Controlling the Voice in your Head



Online Workshops

Relationship Booklets

Success Support – Audio and Visual

Learn to apply Universal Laws to your specific situation

Utilizing The Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws

Identify what is blocking your from achieving your dreams and desires