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Dr. Campbell
Dr. Campbell


This is the time to focus on specific issues related to you and get deeper changes. It is an intensive and direct way of transmute your personal beliefs that are no longer necessary or helpful. This is NOT about re-telling or re-living your past history.  The typical result at the end of an appointment is that the person has no charge about the issue or simply can not remember what it was.

“Experience one of the most proficient practitioners with this tool. Cassandra has an amazing ability to zero in on the true source of the issue and a remarkable intuitive ability to follow the energy of your soul.” S.B., Tennessee

What to expect when working 1 on 1 with Dr. Campbell:
Private Appointments focus on specific things such as:

♥  Particular self-judgments
♥  Relationships
♥  Thought patterns
♥  Issues about work or career
♥  Judgments about your body
♥  Hurt feelings, disappointments
♥  Anger, grief, regrets, resistances, anxiety, depression
♥  Issues about health
♥  Family roles
♥  And any other specific issue

These energetic clearing sessions might include heart meditations, recognition of habitual automatic patterns and tools for releasing them, insight into areas that have seemed out of your control. You will end with a personal statement, feeling and reminder that you can use daily to assist in maintaining the new vibration that you have achieved in the session.
These are life-changing processes that result in a feeling of more freedom and self-empowerment.

Expected Typical Results:

♥  Releasing negative patterns
♥  Removing the invisible walls and ceilings
♥  Achieving your desires and wishes
♥  Being more comfortable with life
♥  Allowing your true goals
♥  Utilizing The Law of Attraction and other universal laws

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Disclaimer: This form of therapy is not right for everyone. If you have a serious issue or diagnosis, are on medications and /or are under physician care please consult your physician prior to stopping any current treatments.