Signs of the New Earth

This beautiful Sunday morning in north Texas, there is a cool breeze and lots of clouds. This is a huge switch for June in Texas. Around 7:30am the easy sweet rain came. It was just yesterday, we asked for rain to nurture the grass and other plants. We didn’t fret over the dry ground, we just simply asked and had the feeling of loving the land. A wonderfully sweet feeling came over me when the rain came. It seems so simple now in the this new energy to allow the “answering” to come easily.

At 8:10am a wave of lightness passed over and through me and I heard “It is a new day.” These words repeated over and over as I realized that this wave had “disappeared” the density and heaviness of my world. Everything feels lighter. My perception is that joy is seeping into every cell of everything. The happiness of life is coming into reality right now!

In the last few hours, my awe of life is magnifying. We have waited for this time on our planet for a long time. I now “know” that the time is here!

Watch for the ever increasing evidence of the New Earth … even the very subtle things.

Many blessings,

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