Soda is more harmful than we think

It seems to me that greed and capitalism have gone too far and it is time for us (humans) to really consider the dichotomy of pleasure/addiction vs poor health/death. The propaganda of corporations and media to sway consumers from rationality to foggy delusions is destroying our culture, country, community, family, health, well-being and sanity.

Please take the time to become aware of what you are consuming into your and your family’s bodies and minds. Even though it may take effort and time to transition to more sanity in caring about well-being, you and your family will reap benefits that far exceed the extra effort. Check out this article from Dr. William Campbell Douglass II.

Crack Open a Can of Cancer
From The Douglass Report

March 2, 2015 ~
We’ve managed to demonize fat, salt, tobacco and independent thinking in this country — but the stuff that’s REALLY killing you gets a free pass.

How else can you explain soda? Between Coke and Pepsi cans, you’ve got all the colors of the flag — and soda’s considered as American as apple pie and baseball.They’re American all right… as American as obesity, diabetes and an early death!
Soda is flat-out killing you, friend, and it’s not just because of the heaps of sugar dumped into each can, bottle and oversized plastic tub. These drinks are chemical cocktails bubbling over with cancer-causing compounds.
One of them is lurking in soda under the innocent-sounding name of “caramel color.” Sounds like the stuff apples are dipped in at summer fairs, right?

In reality, the “caramel color” used in cola is the result of a toxic process that creates a compound called 4-methylimidazole, aka 4-MeI. A couple of years back, when it first came out that cola was packed with this garbage, soda makers swore up and down they’d cut back or even get rid of it. But new tests show many colas are still loaded with 4-Mel. Some contain levels that exceed California’s safe limit by more than 1,200 percent.

The researchers say this coloring agent alone could be responsible for hundreds or maybe even thousands of cancer cases in the coming decades.

Expect this to lead to new calls to have 4-Mel taken out of soda, but don’t kid yourself. Even if they bring those levels down to zero, soda is still cancer in cup. Sugar is also a major driver of cancer, and the fake no-calorie sweeteners used in diet sodas are every bit as deadly.

So forget the soda. If you want a refreshing treat with dinner, crack open an ice, cold beer instead.

Dr. William Campbell Douglass II

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