Tips about the essentials oils and fat cells

A few tips about the oils we have blogged about recently. In my experience, these are working in an easy and safe way. Just don’t over-do the amount of oils for your body. Take it easy. Follow instructions specifically about ingesting essential oils. I recommend only Young Living because of the purity of the oils.

formulation of cellulite

Here is a drawing of the layers of the skin and where the fat cells are.

Cellulite is formed because of this configuration.

The oils have a direct effect on this part of the skin.



The Lemon breaks up the toxins in the body and fat cells. The Peppermint seriously regulates digestion, helps reduce appetite and suppress cravings. The Grapefruit prevents bloating, water detention and dissolves fat.

The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Institute of Chicago found that oils should be changed daily for the best effect. You can vary the use and replace different oils like lemon, grapefruit or peppermint or bergamot oil in combination or in place of another to enhance the affect or to see what works best for you.

Grapefruit Lemon Peppermint

Our next post is about another protocol called the Petrochemical Weight

Loss by Gary Young, Founder of Young Living Essential Oils.   Bergamot

Dr. Cassandra Campbell

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