Weight Loss with Essential Oils – Bergamot

Bergamot Essential Oil: (antidepressant and helps control bad cholesterol and stress eating)

This oil is extracted from Italian citrus fruits and it is perfect for those who eat when they are stressed. Sedative properties of bergamot essential oil make it perfect for fighting with stress related weight gain and controlling stress triggered eating. It can be more effective if you pair it with lavender essential oil.
This oil is very effective in weight control because it contains extremely large amounts of the polyphenols (that are also found in green tea). This polyphenols content is great for fat oxidation (halt production of blood fat), increasing metabolism and preventing the absorption of cholesterol.
Bergamot inhibits an enzyme that is linked to the blood sugar levels, being more active when sugar is high which promotes the decomposition of sugar and fats.

How to use:
1- You can put few drops on a cloth and inhale the vapors to calm and relax when you are stressed and tempted to eat more.
2- You can also put a drop into one teaspoon of honey or drink in a 4oz of coconut milk to have more calming effect.
3- It can also be used for applied or massaged to the feet or on the neck adding it in the carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.
4- It can also be diluted in a warm bath in the morning to assist with stress and start a refreshing day.


I continue to enjoy the ease and safety of my body clearing away old toxins and fat cells with these Young Living Essential Oils. You are welcome to contact me by using the form below.

Dr. Cassandra Campbell

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