What you do is not simply what you do.

“What you do” is more complex and varied that you think.
When asked “What do you do?”, most people will respond with job descriptions or other duties that comprise most of the day’s activities. Right?

If you were to list ALL that you do, the list would be very long and would give you some clues of how multi-faceted you really are. This is a VERY good exercise any time you doubt your value or are changing jobs/careers, etc. because it helps to expand your perception of YOU.

For instance, a handyman that may also be a marriage counselor at his church that can help married couples keep the peace when picking out paint color.

A Realtor with a large family may have a talent for bringing the whole family into the adventure of buying a new home.

An insurance person who currently has elderly parents may have a better understanding of the trials of elderly care.

An engineer may also build cabinets, sculpt yard art, organize the grocery list, cook special meals.

A Mom has more skills, experience and knowledge she can apply to just about any job interview.

TRY IT!!! You might feel really good about yourself.

Dr. Cassandra Campbell

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