Why aren’t the “blessings” coming?

As our new earth and energies are shifting reality, it seems that “blessings” and “promises” are elusive. Right? Creating what we want and when we want it is frustrating, to say the least.

There is lots and lots of returning to what we are manifesting and experiencing in our own lives. We just went through another round of that and realized how contradictory our thoughts and feelings have been.

We realized what the underlying foundation of self-deception we have been pushing into and against by thinking we have to compromise what truly is joyful and peaceful for us. The minute we identified those and stated again that we can create joy and peace within and in our own environment regardless of outer situations, things started to open and move again. I can’t tell you how many times we have come to this juncture. And each time the result is the same: admit the “real” truth for what we want in life and realize how we have compromised that, then movement begins at a newer level.

It is tricky out here in the world. Waiting for something to “free” us from the conceived “prison” rather than acknowledging what is really true for us and taking the next steps in trust does not work very well. The stagnation seems to be in the “waiting”, not in the outside circumstances. The movement can come from anything, any direction, anyone once we recognize our truth and trust the next step toward movement. Our emotional attachment to the “free from prison” engenders continued attachment to the prison.

We all have reasons why we cannot step forward with trust and why we are stuck in the prison. We each must “soul search” for the TRUE Truth of what we want AND what we are doing to explain away and compromise why we cannot have what we want. Each of us has a lonely path when it comes to that. We are very lucky when we have people in our lives that are willing to do the same for themselves. Then if our true joy and peace are similar enough, we can re-think how to move forward, one step at a time, together.

I realize that for some people this seems impossible, that the reality of circumstances is overwhelming, that there appears to be no way out. I’ve been there too. I’ve wrestled with “reality” and fell deeper into “I want ___ but it can’t possibly happen because ___.” I do that until something inside me screams out, “There HAS to be another way. How am I keeping myself stuck in this crappy reality?? I’m not willing to die here or be miserable my whole life!” … That is when this process I am describing kicks in.

A wonderful thing happens when we each and all go through this process over and over again. We begin to find ourselves in the company of others who are being true to their joy and peace, taking the next step in trust that a Higher Order is at work and co-creating this New Earth together. The ability to do that gets easier and faster. The relief of Truth comes sweeter and joy springs forth into our perceptions about life and ourselves.

Keep on keeping on! It does work, when we work it!

Dr. Cassandra Campbell
If you want help with identifying and realizing how you are sabotaging your life, contact me at ccampbell@ccampbellphd.com

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